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We offer an effective, affordable, and entertaining solution to Math fact mastery.

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At the heart of the Factivation!® program are its one-of-a-kind Math fact instructional videos. Lively music, dancing animals, and other eye-catching visuals make Math facts exciting for young learners! Click on any of the video excerpts below to learn more.

multiplication chant for 3x4addition singalongMultiplication trick for the SixesAddition strategymultiplication fluencyAddition commutative propertymultiplication chant for 7x6Addition fluency
Simplifying the Times TableOverview of Factivation VideosPrintables for Math Facts
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[hero_unit title=”We’ve got the tools you need to teach all Math facts!” text=”Let us help your students achieve 100% fact mastery. Factivation!® provides everything needed to reach your schools’ CCSS fact fluency goals… AND MORE!” btn_style=”default” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”] [spacer] [frame align=”none”][row_fluid]

[service_box title=”Printable Resources” icon=”icon3″ text=”The Factivation!® printables develop conceptual understanding, build fact fluency, and extend to other CCSS standards. Print or use paperlessly on the iPad!” btn_text=”See Printable Components” btn_link=”http://factivation.com/multiplication-division/multiplication_sample_lesson6/printables/” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”blue”]

[service_box title=”Instructional Videos” icon=”icon1″ text=”Simple strategies teach all Math facts in the student-adored Factivation!® videos, featuring Factuary Al. Lively music and visuals keep students engaged!” btn_text=”View/Compare Videos” btn_link=”http://factivation.com/multiplication-division/multiplication_sample_lesson6/videos/” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”orange”]

[service_box title=”Online Assessment” icon=”icon4″ text=”In addition to paper/pencil progressive assessments, Factivation!® offers a simple method for online mastery tracking. Get immediate individual or class results! ” btn_text=”Take Online Sample Quiz” btn_link=”http://factivation.com/multiplication-division/multiplication_sample_lesson6/assessments/ ” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”red”]

[service_box title=”Interactive Games” icon=”icon2″ text=”Designed to reinforce both new and review facts, the Factivation!® interactive games provide extra support for each lesson and give instant feedback to students. ” btn_text=”Play fact fluency games” btn_link=”http://factivation.com/multiplication-division/multiplication_sample_lesson6/interactivewhiteboard/” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”green”]

[/row_fluid][/frame] No more fact frustration! Factivation!® includes components for all learning and teaching styles! Put it to work in your classroom (or home) today and see not only Math scores rise, but watch your students’ Mathematical confidence soar!  Each teacher-designed lesson is equipped with a variety of flexible resources to fit into any classroom and even the most challenging of daily schedules. Videos, assessments, printables, foldables, visual aids, games, and more…
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