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Teacher Testimonials

Our colleagues’ opinions matter to us! We are grateful to the many teachers who take a few moments to send an unsolicited testimonial, sharing their thoughts about using Factivation!® to achieve Math fact mastery in the classroom.

With all the same teachers and just the use of Factivation being the difference, our 5th grade math scores went from 76% to 96% passing!  I have never found such a beneficial tool as Factivation!® 
Dr. Diane Welker, Principal

Factivation!® for Multiplication was THE number one factor in helping my struggling math students master their Multiplication facts. This learning process provides you with every key step to ensure success…
Donna, Title I Teacher

I purchased a subscription to the program and it is the best school related program I have purchased in a long while. I have been teaching for over 28 years. 
Pamela, Classroom Teacher

I just showed my class the trick for 6. At the end of the video, one of my students yelled out, “I love half, whole trick!”
Dana, Classroom Teacher

My coworker used your system last year and said she saw the best fact retention in 12 years of teaching…
Angie, Classroom Teacher

I have to tell you that my jobshare partner and I have used the lessons whole group with our students using whiteboard and our students are so motivated by it. But the best part is that they are showing improvement. This is a 4th grade class that was not doing well in fact fluency and now they are starting to turn things around since we have been Factivating. Thank you so much!
Priscilla, 4th Grade Teacher

I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the program! Your program has reached ALL of the 27 learners in my classroom this year. We will factivate it every year from here on.
Angie, Classroom Teacher

I love Factivation!® It reinforces lifelong knowledge and offers daily practice in such a fun way. The videos really help students to learn! Students who get bored with rote memorization now have fun when learning the Multiplication facts. They figure out that it isn’t hard when you take it one lesson at a time.
Angela, 3rd Grade Teacher

In computer lab, my students would do Multiplication drills or play some of the games that practice the facts. It was amazing to see their accuracy skyrocket after using Factivation!®
Dusty, 4th Grade Teacher

Thank you! I am loving it!
Robin, Classroom Teacher

I am a huge fan of Factivation!®. The videos and quick flicks get my students amazingly excited about learning their multiplication facts!! The students are really pumped and challenged to answer the few facts before the video shows the products. My students are so proud of their very own colored Factivation!® flipbooks, and parents have commented how helpful the flipbooks have been at home. I was able to have each student work on the Fact Lab today and the best part was that they all focused on individual lessons that they needed extra practice on. I love your product!!
Carrie, 3rd Grade Teacher

GREAT program!
Laura, Classroom Teacher

My kiddos just LOVE Factivation!®…they beg for it daily!
Connie, 3rd Grade Teacher

I love it as do the kids. I have a teacher friend in Texas that is now using Factivation. Can’t wait for addition, sub, and more division.
Sue, Classroom Teacher

The Third Graders LOVE Factivation! (So do their teachers). We have been so impressed with the program.
Kathy, Classroom Teacher

I have been using 1234 and 5678 with my 3rd graders and the kids loved it!!! 
Tiffany, 3rd Grade Teacher

I must share that during a recent evaluation of one of my students with special needs scored higher in multiplication than in basic addition/subtraction. Everyone was shocked, except me. I love the multimedia approach of Factivation. If your company ever comes up with a similar program for addition or subtraction, count me in as a buyer!
Angie, Classroom Teacher

Factivation is going great!!
Amy, Classroom Teacher

We did lesson 5 and had a quick assessment after. It took her 60 seconds for the first round. I noticed she fell back on finger counting so we repeated it again. After I prompted her to remember the Half/Whole (Trick), she then did it in 16 seconds. This reinforced in her that the methods of Factivation really do help.
Ellie, Math Tutor

I used this program to conduct an Action Research Project and it was very successful…Factivation was exceptional and the students loved it!
Lillie, Classroom Teacher

I love using Factivation to teach multiplication and my students LOVED it too. I really want to use the Division program once it is established.
Linda, Classroom Teacher

Thank you so much…I just love your site and I knew that it would help so many other teachers.
Becky, Classroom Teacher

I have been very pleased with Factivation for Multiplication and can’t wait to use the new division activities.
Rachel, Classroom Teacher

My students really love the Factivation videos! It has really helped them. Thank you!
Amy, Classroom Teacher

I am using your training in my 6th grade class in Wayne, OK. They are doing so much better!
Stacey, Middle School Math Teacher

Loving Factivation!!
Gloria, Classroom Teacher

If I’m ever back in the classroom again, I’ll definitely utilize Factivation! I loved it and informed everyone of it at my school.
Susan, Classroom Teacher

I enjoyed using Factivation this past year. My students benefitted from your program. The worksheets were helpful for practicing the material presented in the videos. After learning the chants, my students would repeat them throughout the day for fun. The most important point was that my students learned and memorized multiplication facts using your program better than any other system. Thanks for all your efforts.
Bruce, Classroom Teacher

I find your program highly engaging and effective.
Kathleen, Classroom Teacher

I am new to Factivation this year, and I am very excited about it! You have a fantastic program.
Penny, Classroom Teacher

Your products for multiplication and division are superb and my students and I enjoyed them a lot last year. I have recommended Factivation to several of my colleagues and to parents of students.
Chris, Classroom Teacher

I really love this program! This website is a wonderful teaching tool! My students have learned and retained their facts so much better than before! It is an essential site for me!!
Camille, 4th Grade Teacher

I do want to say that I love your program for multiplication. Factivation really works well with special education students. We did it everyday. If I didn’t do it, they reminded me! Thanks.
Deborah, Classroom Teacher

Our team last year used Factivation within our grade level and loved it. We think it is awesome.
Cherie, Classroom Teacher

First, I would love to say how much I love factivation!!!! My students are having such a great time with it…
Connie, Classroom Teacher