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Reliable, Research-Based Math Fact Instruction

Factivation!® uses researched, high-yield strategies to deliver results.

You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Robert Marzano, a leading researcher in the field of education. Dr. Marzano’s learning map, outlines 41 elements of effective classroom instruction, divided into 9 design questions (DQ).  Each falls under one of the following three lesson segments: Involving Routine Events, Addressing Content, Enacted on the Spot. Factivation!® correlates to many of the 41 identified classroom strategies, so it is no surprise when we receive unsolicited testimonials from excited teachers saying that Factivation!® delivered results and helped their students to master Math facts.  Here are some examples of the correlations:

  • Critical information, the lesson’s “focus facts”, are identified and learning goals are clearly established at the beginning of each Factivation!® video lesson.
    (DQ 2, Element 6)
  • New content is previewed through concept-building activities and in the instructional videos.
    (DQ 2, Element 8)
  • Content is chunked into “digestible bites” as facts are presented in small, brain-friendly groups.
    (DQ 2, Element 9)
  • Students are given adequate time and various opportunities to process new learning.
    (DQ 2, Element 10)
  • Students record and represent new knowledge using our Concept Builders, etc.
    (DQ 2, Element 12)
  • Previously learned Math facts are consistently and systematically reviewed.
    (DQ 3, Element 14)
  • Students are provided with various ways to practice new knowledge and build fact fluency.
    (DQ 2, Element 15)
  • Students track their own progress towards 100% mastery and success is celebrated.
    (DQ 1, Element 2)
  • The use of academic games is involved with each lesson to increase student engagement.
    (DQ 5, Element 25)
  • All instructional videos maintain a lively pace and students naturally use physical movement during instructional videos, because of the intensity of the fluency-building session.
    (DQ 5, Elements 27 & 28)
  • Strategies presented maintain student engagement because they are unusual and intriguing.
    (DQ 5, Element 32)
  • ALL students can be expected to master Math facts using Factivation!®, as it delivers instruction that addresses each learning style.
    (DQ 9, Element 39)