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Welcome to FACTIVATION.COM! Our highly effective, affordable, complete Math fact fluency solution ensures fact mastery through a well-rounded approach that includes concept, memorization strategies, vocabulary, operational reciprocity, AND application! Loved by students, relied upon by teachers.

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Since 2007, we’ve been proudly building fact foundations across the USA and abroad! It’s time to get YOUR students fully factivatedcontinue tour


The Four Strategies

Engaging Videos Simplify All Math Facts using the Four Strategies™

While Factivation!® includes a variety of resources (video, printable, and interactive) for every aspect of Math fact instruction, its instructional videos are truly the heart of the program. Factuary Al™ and his entourage of colorful characters introduce students to all Math facts using simple, memory-enhancing strategies. The Four Strategies™ provide meaningful, intriguing “hooks” that act as a powerful springboard to fact fluency.


math fact lesson progression

Our Logical Lesson Progression Maximizes Learning!

This simple-to-follow lesson progression scaffolds Math fact instruction, leading students from conceptual understanding to automaticity to application of newly acquired facts!

Concept Resources: Concept Builders, Fact Building Mats, Projectables, etc.
Accuracy Resources: Full Videos, Quick Flicks, Practice Pages, Flipbooks, Posters, etc.
Fluency Resources: Fast Facts Videos, Fluency Builders, Games, One-Min. Assessments, etc.
Application Resources: Reciprocal Videos, Logical Links printables, Problem Solvers, etc.


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Want to explore our programs, lessons, and all available resources for successfully TEACHING MATH FACTS?

If you’re needing to ensure Math fact mastery, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for using the links below! Happy exploring!

Clickable Math Fact Tables– See WHICH lessons cover WHICH facts!
Lesson Control for Addition/Subtraction– Learn more & get free resources.
Lesson Control for Multiplication/Division– Learn more & get free resources.
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Lasting results with a schoolwide impact on Math achievement scores!

With all the same teachers and just the use of Factivation!® being the difference, our 5th grade math scores went from 76% to 96% passing! I have never found such a beneficial tool as Factivation!® It provides an organized, easy way to get the facts memorized that includes visual, auditory, and hands-on methods that work.”

Dr. Diane Welker, Principal, Central Intermediate

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  • What is Factivation?
    Factivation!® is a compilation of the best tricks of the trade when it comes to Math facts. Familiar methods for Multiplication, like the Nines finger strategy, have been combined with new (and surprising!) tricks and chants to create a complete system that teaches every fact in the simplest, most brain-friendly way.

  • Who should use the program?
    Factivation!® is recommended for 1st-5th grades, as it covers basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division facts: the foundation upon which all upper-level Mathematics instruction is built.

  • Does it work for all students?
    Factivation!® is being successfully used in special ed classrooms, regular ed classrooms, gifted classrooms, and in homes across the USA and abroad. Read our testimonials to see how your colleagues feel about its effectiveness. We regularly receive unsolicited testimonials from excited teachers and parents!

  • How many lessons are there?
    There are 9 Multiplication/Division lessons. Most contain only three Focus Facts for the student to master before proceeding to the next lesson. There are 12 Addition/Subtraction lessons. Previously learned facts are reviewed within each lesson and the commutative property is reinforced throughout, allowing fewer facts to be explicitly taught.

  • What is the cost?
    A basic Factivation!® teacher membership is $34.95/year and single home memberships are $19.95/year. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective! Visit our sample lessons and you’ll see what a great value this is!

  • What sets Factivation apart?
    Factivation!® was designed by a teacher to be a COMPLETE fact mastery solution fully addressing fluency, while also covering every other aspect of true mastery. Using our simple-to-follow four-part lesson progression, students first build a foundational understanding of the concept of the operation, then move into accuracy-building, fluency-building, and finally application of basic facts.

One-Minute Video Samplers

Click to Watch! Visit our Math Fact Video Library for more!
multiplication chant for 3x4addition singalongMultiplication trick for the SixesAddition strategymultiplication fluencyAddition commutative propertymultiplication chant for 7x6Addition fluency

Introducing the Factivation!® Math Facts Academy!

Our complete online learning management system for ALL operations- The Math Facts Academy guides your students through each of the Factivation!® lessons. Teachers can easily access learner reports and track progress to mastery! JOIN NOW and select a membership that includes the Fact Lab. The Math Facts Academy is a free tool for all Teacher + Class Memberships!



Did You Know?

Factivation!® is THE chosen fact fluency solution by teachers across the United States, as well as several countries abroad, including colleagues in Australia, Canada, and even Bermuda!

I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the program! Your program has reached ALL of the 27 learners in my classroom this year. We will factivate it every year from here on!

Angie, Classroom Teacher
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