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As educators, we know that true mastery is more than just rote memorization.


Our high-quality Math facts instruction quickly builds fluency…because it’s rooted in understanding. We are ready to help teachers ensure true Math fact mastery. It’s time to get factivated.

Let’s get your students fully factivated!

We’ve been getting students FACTIVATED since 2008!  Our resources cover ALL aspects of fact mastery and provide teachers with the tools and support to reach all learners! While other programs focus solely on rote memorization,  Factivation!® was designed by an educator to teach Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division facts in a Mathematically meaningful way!


Factivation!® is loved by students and relied upon by teachers!

Our highly effective, complete Math fact fluency solution ensures fact mastery through a well-rounded approach that includes concept, accuracy, fluency, and application.  The Four Factivation!® Strategies ~ Rule, Trick, Chant, and Connection~ help students gain and retain facts.  Students develop Mathematical vocabulary, as well as an understanding of the commutative property and reciprocity through our videos and printable classroom activities!

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Explore Factivation!®

We offer solutions to both teachers and parents. We invite you to watch our instructional video samples and visit the different areas of our website below!

One-Minute Video Samples

multiplication chant for 3x4addition singalongMultiplication trick for the SixesAddition strategymultiplication fluencyAddition commutative propertymultiplication chant for 7x6Addition fluency

Teachers’ Site

Navigate to any Factivation!® lesson from your teacher dashboard.  Easily find instructional videos, printables, and assessments for all Math facts!


Kids’ Fact Lab

Parents and Teachers– The Kids’ Fact Lab includes all lesson videos and games for home practice.  Teachers can utilize the Fact Lab for homework or in-class station work.


Math Facts Academy

Our complete learning management system!  The self-paced Math Facts Academy is a free add-on feature for Teacher + Class members.  It’s a perfect solution for distance learning or differentiation.

Our unique approach builds confidence and gets results!


Engaging Videos Simplify All Math Facts using the Four Strategies™

While Factivation!® includes a variety of resources (video, printable, and interactive) for every aspect of Math fact instruction, its instructional videos are truly the heart of the program. Factuary Al™ and his entourage of colorful characters introduce students to all Math facts using simple, memory-enhancing strategies. The Four Strategies™ provide meaningful, intriguing “hooks” that act as a powerful springboard to fact fluency.


Our Logical Lesson Progression Maximizes Learning!

This simple-to-follow lesson progression scaffolds Math fact instruction, leading students from conceptual understanding to automaticity to application of newly acquired facts!



Lasting results with a schoolwide impact on Math achievement scores!

With all the same teachers and just the use of Factivation!® being the difference, our 5th grade math scores went from 76% to 96% passing! I have never found such a beneficial tool as Factivation!® It provides an organized, easy way to get the facts memorized that includes visual, auditory, and hands-on methods that work.”

Dr. Diane Welker, Principal, Central Intermediate

Factivation!® Peer Tutoring Intervention Yields HUGE Gains in Fact Fluency!


In addition to being a trusted Tier 1 instructional tool, Factivation!® is the perfect solution for students needing intervention in Math facts. Factivation!® can be used for targeted small group intervention using the video and printable resources available in the Teachers’ Site. Upper elementary and middle school students can fill fact gaps quickly and easily using Factivation!® as a highly motivating peer tutoring program. This peer intervention has resulted in some of the quickest gains we’ve seen and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the teachers that have implemented it!


See the Results!

What Teachers & Parents Are Saying

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