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Get started! Introduce students to the concept of Multiplication, strategies, and vocabulary.



Introductory Video

Show the Introductory Video

If you are teaching Multiplication facts to younger students, it is important to show this video before beginning Lesson 1.  For older students, this lesson is optional. It would still be a good review for 4th and 5th graders, however.

Topics include:

  • Concept of Multiplication
  • Multiplication Vocabulary
  • The Four Strategies

Note- This video will is scheduled to be updated during the 2013-2014 school year.


Give the Factivation!® Pre-Assessment

assessment tool student pagesGet a baseline from which to measure progress.  You can update this information regularly as students move through the Factivation!® program. For older students, use the Pre-Assessment Tool to identify fact gaps and prescribe needed lessons.

Watch tutorial videoWatch Assessment Tool tutorial

download pdfPrint Assessment Tool & Instructions

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Project and discuss the pages that follow or print them for display in the classroom.

commutative property poster

download pdfWhat is Multiplication?

download pdfThe Four Strategies

download pdfCommutative Property

download pdfMultiplication Product

download pdfMultiplication Factors


Establish operational understanding: Create models using manipulatives.

Before beginning Lesson 1, give students hands-on practice building Multiplication facts. The Concept Mats and Arrays below can be printed and reused with each lesson. Using simple manipulatives, students can create both models and arrays to illustrate facts.

goldfish array- multiplicationthumbnail_array_pennycandy array- division[spacer]goldfish concept mat-multiplicationpenny concept mat- multiplicationcandy concept mat- multiplication

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Review the concept of Multiplication using the Concept Builders below.

CCSS 3.0A.A.1

Students will:Concept Builder Sample

  • Construct Models
  • Work with Academic Vocabulary
  • Illustrate the Commutative Property
  • Interpret Arrays
  • Build Fact Families (Connect to Division)

Watch tutorial videoWatch Concept Builder Tutorial

download pdfConcept Builder 1

download pdfConcept Builder 2