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Lesson 1 General Information

Lesson 1 Full Video Screenshot

Lesson Title

“Zeroes & Ones”


Focus Facts & Strategy

Lesson 1 Overview

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to demonstrate fluency with all Zeroes & Ones Multiplication facts. [spacer] pencil

Lesson Notes

Lesson 1 is the first and only lesson using the Rule Strategy. The Multiplication facts in this group are typically very simple for students to master. The commutative property of Multiplication is emphasized in this and all successive lessons. Once students understand the Zero and Identity properties, all Zeroes and Ones facts can be easily mastered.[spacer] teacher tips

Teacher Tips

Students catch on to the Zeroes and Ones very quickly. This allows for rapid progression through the lesson. Build fluency with the Zeroes and Ones facts using the Fast Facts video (see Videos) and daily Fluency Builders (see Printables).

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