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Each Factivation!® lesson includes a Smartboard game set like the one below, designed to reinforce facts from the current lesson while reviewing previously learned facts. The following game collection is from our sample lesson: “Lesson 6: Fun Facts 1”.

Interactive Games for This Lesson


Class Competitions

If you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, you can enhance your Factivation!® lessons with the practice and fluency-building games below. Each game is designed specifically for THIS lesson and covers all of the focus facts from the instructional videos. All games also include review facts from previous lessons. Tip: If you would like the games to appear LARGER, use your browser’s “View: Zoom In” function until you have reached the desired size.

Math Facts Center

You can also utilize this section on a stand-alone computer as a Math Center, allowing 2-3 students at a time to work on accuracy-building or fluency-building using the games below.

icon_checkmark-greenAccuracy-Building (Untimed) Multiplication Games


multiplication game- penalty shootout

Penalty Shootout

Description: Students earn the opportunity to score goals by answering this lesson’s Multiplication facts correctly. (Some review facts are also covered.)

multiplication game- fling the teacher

Fling the Teacher

Description: A silly game that will entertain your students. With each correct answer, they get closer to launching the “teacher” from a trebuchet! Let the countdown begin…

multiplication game- on target

On Target “Carnival”

Description: Students will want to play this multi-player or multi-team game again and again. Choosing the correct product earns five shots in the carnival booth. Silly sound effects!

icon_stopwatchFluency-Building (Timed) Multiplication Games


multiplication game- 5 second challenge

5-Second Challenge

Description: This fluency building challenge will keep students on their toes with a strict time limit per question. Call volunteers to the Smartboard for a quick review.

multiplication game- match up


Description: This fluency building challenge allows students to drag products to their matching fact. Call volunteers to the Smartboard before lunch or dismissal for a quick review.

multiplication game- numbershoot


Description: Entertaining, challenging, and self-motivating: this fluency-building game is a favorite among students and works great on your interactive whiteboard!

multiplication game- concentration


Description: Divide the class into teams for a round of Multiplication Concentration. Facts from this lesson and review facts from previously lessons are covered.