gift for teacherYour child’s teacher will LOVE this unique gift from– a one-year’s membership to our engaging, effective Math fact mastery program that can be done in just minutes/day! Factivation!® simplifies both the learning and teaching of all Math facts! Read teacher testimonials→

Please select which membership you prefer according to the guide below. Be sure to input account setup information for the teacher: his/her name, email address, and a password (which can be changed later). We’ll send notification including a “gift tag” with your name (or child’s name) as the sender.


1st Grade Teachers- Addition/Subtraction

2nd Grade Teachers- Addition/Subtraction OR Complete Membership (includes all operations)

3rd Grade Teachers- Multiplication/Division OR Complete Membership (includes all operations)

4th Grade Teachers- Multiplication/Division

5th Grade Teachers- Multiplication/Division