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Track progress how YOU choose, with both printable and online options!

When it comes to ensuring mastery, assessment is key. We offer several options to fit each teaching style and instructional need. The Factivation!® Pre/Post Assessment Tool and Mid-Program Assessment Tool are designed to assess overall fact mastery. For older grades, use this formative assessment to diagnose the unique needs of each learner and prescribe only the lessons needed to achieve mastery. For younger grades, use it to obtain a baseline from which to measure progress.

Overall Mastery Tracking

Factivation!® Assessment Tool

The Factivation!® Assessment Tool can be used to diagnose fact gaps, prescribe needed lessons, and easily monitor progress. While often used as a “Pre- and Post-Test”, this unique tool can also be used at any time DURING the course of the program to check overall mastery of facts.

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Addition Assessment Tool Samples
Also available for Multiplication mastery tracking!


Lesson-by-Lesson Mastery Tracking

Online Math Facts Academy- Complete Learning Management System

Our complete online learning management system- The Math Facts Academy guides your students through each of the Factivation!® lessons. Teachers can easily access learner reports and track progress to mastery!

Or… Choose From a Variety of Printable Assessment Tools

Each Factivation!® lesson contains three paper/pencil assessment options for measuring accuracy and automaticity. The Factivation!® progressive lesson assessments are designed to measure mastery of facts that have been covered in the current and previous lessons only.  As opposed to randomly generated tests, this type of assessment eliminates intimidation and creates test-taking confidence. See all printable assessment option in our Printables Libraries.


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