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Fun, flexible interactive games support each lesson and build Math fact fluency!

If you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom (or a computer center), you can enhance your Factivation!® lessons with practice and fluency-building games like the ones below. Each game is designed specifically to cover the facts from the current lesson while providing reinforcement of facts from previous lessons.

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students on computer

Math Center for Fact Fluency

You can also utilize the games in the “Smartboard” section of each lesson on a stand-alone computer as a Math Center, allowing 2-3 students at a time to work on fluency-building.

fact lab

Engaging Independent Practice!

Teachers receive a 90% discount off of student Fact Lab memberships. The Fact Lab is an exciting area of the Factivation!® website designed especially for kids. Fact Lab memberships allow students to login from a school computer lab or home to access videos, games, timed challenges, and printed activities for each lesson! Parents appreciate the at-home practice that the Fact Lab provides.
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Game Samples

The samples below show some of the licensed games within the Factivation!® program. This sample is from Multiplication/Division: Lesson 6.

multiplication game- penalty shootout

Penalty Shootout

Description: Students earn the opportunity to score goals by answering this lesson’s Multiplication facts correctly. (Some review facts are also covered.)
Time Limit Per Question: No


multiplication game- 5 second challenge

5-Second Challenge

Description: This fluency building challenge will keep students on their toes with a strict time limit per question. Call volunteers to the Smartboard for a quick review.
Time Limit Per Question: Yes


multiplication game- on target

On Target “Carnival”

Description: Students will want to play this multi-player or multi-team game again and again. Choosing the correct product earns five shots in the carnival booth. Silly sound effects!
Time Limit Per Question: No


multiplication game- numbershoot


Description: Entertaining, challenging, and self-motivating: this fluency-building game is a favorite among students and works great on your interactive whiteboard!
Time Limit Per Question: Yes
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