The #1 teaching tool for Math Facts!™

Factivation!® Training for Classroom Teachers

Learn how to use Factivation!® in under 20 minutes!

Want to know how to effectively put Factivation!® to work for you and your school? This Teacher Training video takes the highlights of our full-day Multiplication workshop and condenses them into a 15-minute presentation to be viewed by individual teachers, grade level teams, or an entire faculty.

Student engagement is high with Factivation!
What IS Factivation?

Factivation!® is a complete program that not only addresses fact fluency, but also teaches students the concept, vocabulary, application, and reciprocity of operations.  For a closer look at our components, check out the Factivation!® Video Library and Printables Library.

In addition to Multiplication, Factivation!® has grown to include components for Division, Addition, and Subtraction.

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