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Fluency-Building Games


Engaging games support each lesson and build Math fact fluency!



Each iPad-friendly game in the student Fact Lab (or Math Facts Academy) is designed specifically to cover the facts from the current lesson while providing reinforcement of facts from previous lessons.



boy on computer

Homework or Math station Practice!


Teachers receive a 90% discount off of student memberships. The Fact Lab is an exciting area of the Factivation!® website designed especially for kids. Fact Lab memberships allow students to login from a school computer lab or home to access videos, games, timed challenges, and printed activities for each lesson! Parents appreciate the at-home practice that the Fact Lab provides.


Game Samples


The samples below show some of the licensed games within the Factivation!® program. This sample is from Multiplication/Division: Lesson 6.


addition games- memory melon

Memory Melon

Description: Students solve Multiplication facts to earn the opportunity to play this memory game that is reminiscent of “Simon” from the 80’s. Fun for adults too!



addition games- critter catcher

Critter Catcher

Description: Students solve Multiplication facts for an opportunity to find as many critters as they can. Silly sound effects!




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