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Factivation!® Fluency Builders

Factivation fluency builders

A Fluency Builder a day keeps low test scores away!

Not only does it keep low test scores away, but giving students this concentrated five minutes/day of targeted fluency practice builds Mathematical confidence as they see their own improvement from Challenge 1 to Challenge 4. If your goal is to build fact fluency (and we would assume that is is!), this is THE printable for your students.

paper saving tipPaper-saving tip: Copy the Fluency Builder activity once per lesson and place under page protectors. Have students complete the challenges with dry-erase markers. When finished, collect and store until the following day.

Fluency Builders accompany both the Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division lessons.  This video shows students completing a Multiplication Fluency Builder as a partner activity, however, students also love doing this in a “Race the Teacher” format.  Beginning with Challenge #1, allow a 10-second head start, then 5-second, then 3-second, then tell students the race is on for Challenge #4…kids against teacher!  Watch your students’ excitement and motivation increase as they try to beat their teacher!