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Students Can Flip Their Way to Success!

Foldable Flipbooks

Color-Coded Foldable Flipbooks

Factivation Strategies

No more messy flashcards! Introducing the Factivation!® Flipbooks…

If you’ve taught in the classroom for awhile, you know what happens to flashcards: lost, bent, torn, and oftentimes ending up stuffed in a desk or behind a bookcase. Those days are over! The colorful, compact Factivation!® flipbooks are fun to fold and simple to study! Each lesson includes an easy-to-construct flipbook that includes the facts from that lesson and their commutative counterparts, as well as a strategy prompt from the instructional video!No more endless copying and cutting of flashcards.

As a classroom teacher, I found the flipbooks to be very helpful and the students loved making them as an introductory activity with each new lesson. It was nice to replace the baggies of random flashcards with a targeted flipbook that helped students direct their learning to the current focus facts. For teachers wishing to do so, flipbooks can be color-coded according to the lesson strategy: Rule- Yellow, Trick- Purple, Chant- Green, Connection- Pink.