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Math fact mastery: Reaching the fluency finish line


Multiplication strategies

STEP 1: Start with Strategies to Create a Mental Hook

Why use strategies (like Rule, Trick, Chant, and Connection™) to teach Math facts rather than just having students memorize in a traditional rote manner? The Factivation!® strategies utilize existing schema. They apply meaning to each fact, thereby increasing a students’ ability to recall the product.

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Multiplication trick makes the Sixes facts simple!

multiplication trick

Simplify the Sixes facts with the Half-Whole Trick!

This Multiplication trick makes learning the Sixes facts simple! The “Half-Whole” multiplication trick works like this:

When multiplying six by an even number, the product is HALF of that number (tens place), then the WHOLE number (ones place).

Here’s an example:

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Multiplication Video- “The Turtlehead Method”

turtlehead multiplication

Memorable method for multi-digit Multiplication!

This Multiplication video introduces students to the “Turtlehead Method”.  The Turtlehead Method provides a simple and entertaining way for students to recall the steps involved in solving multi-digit Multiplication problems.

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Factivation!® Fluency Builders

Factivation fluency builders

A Fluency Builder a day keeps low test scores away!

Not only does it keep low test scores away, but giving students this concentrated five minutes/day of targeted fluency practice builds Mathematical confidence as they see their own improvement from Challenge 1 to Challenge 4. If your goal is to build fact fluency (and we would assume that is is!), this is THE printable for your students.

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