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Introduce the Lesson 4 Focus Facts

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Adderpillar™ Activity

Introduce this lesson’s Focus Facts while teaching the properties of Addition! The Adderpillar™ video lesson below guides students through modeling each Addition fact and their Subtraction counterparts!  This activity can be done whole-group or may be set up as a Math center using a computer or iPad.[spacer]

Adderpillar Video Sample

Video Coming Soon!

Each student needs:

[spacer][spacer] adderpillar concept mat sample

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Concept Builders

Using the Concept Builders that follow, students closely examine individual focus facts from this lesson. For each fact presented, students will:

  • Construct Models
  • Relate Addition to Subtraction
  • Illustrate the Commutative Property

CCSS 1.OA.A.1, 1.OA.B.3

Sample Concept Builder Printable

Concept Builder 4.1
Concept Builder 4.2
Concept Builder 4.3
Concept Builder 4.4

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Adderpillar™ Cross-Curricular Extensions

Build excitement about the Adderpillar™ activity above using one or more of these extensions!
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