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Lesson 5 General Information

Lesson 5 Full Video Screenshot

Lesson Title

“Special Sixes”


Focus Facts & Strategy

Lesson 2 Overview

Click to enlarge Focus Facts.


Lesson Objective

Students will be able to demonstrate fluency with 6×4, 6×6, 6×8 and their commutative counterparts. [spacer] pencil

Lesson Notes

Lesson 5 is the last lesson using the trick strategy and the first lesson to include only THREE focus facts (rather than six). The “Half-Whole Trick” taught in this lesson can be applied anytime the number 6 is multiplied by an even number. It has amazed even the most experienced educators! Once students understand the Half-Whole Trick, the products of these Sixes facts are simple for students to recall.  All remaining Sixes facts will be addressed in the Chant Group (Lessons 6-8). [spacer] teacher tips

Teacher Tips

Post the focus facts (with products showing) in the classroom and refer to them throughout the day, emphasizing the Half-Whole trick. After completion of Lesson 5, monitor progress using the Mid-Program Assessment Tool. Revisit any needed lessons before moving onto Lesson 6.

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