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Introduce the Lesson 5 Focus Facts

Fact Tracker for This Lesson

Lesson 5 Fact Tracker
Use the Fact Tracker (Multiplication chart) below for goal setting and increased motivation! Facts from the current and previous lessons are marked with a strategy icon (rule, trick, chant, or connection). Students are excited to see how many facts they will know after completing this lesson!
[spacer][spacer][spacer] [hr]

Visual Aids for This Lesson

Project and discuss the visual aids that follow. They represent each of the focus facts from this lesson. The first set illustrates the fact as groups of objects. The second set illustrates the facts as colorful arrays.

Multiplication Models

Multiplication Model for 6x4

Model 5.1

Multiplication Model for 6x6

Model 5.2

Multiplication Model for 8x6

Model 5.3

Multiplication Arrays

Multiplication Array for 4x6

Array 5.1

Multiplication Array for 6x6

Array 5.2

Multiplication Array for 6x8

Array 5.3


Printable Concept Builders for This Lesson

Using the Concept Builders that follow, students closely examine individual focus facts from this lesson. For each fact presented, students will:

  • Construct Models
  • Engage with Academic Vocabulary
  • Illustrate the Commutative Property
  • Interpret Arrays
  • Build Fact Families (Connect to Division)[spacer]

CCSS 3.OA.A.1, 3.OA.A.2, 3.OA.B.5

multiplication concept builder

Sample Concept Builder

Concept Builder 5.1
Concept Builder 5.2
Concept Builder 5.3


Concept Mats and Arrays

Model Multiplication

Before beginning the lesson, spend some time building each of the Lesson 2 focus facts. The Concept Mats and Arrays below can be printed and reused with each lesson. Using simple manipulatives (goldfish crackers, M&M’s, and pennies), students can create both models and arrays to illustrate each fact. This activity can be done whole-group or as a Multiplication center.

Connect to Division

Use the Concept Mats to build the Division counterparts! Give students the total number first and tell them how many groups to divide them into. Ask, “How many objects are in each group?”[spacer]

goldfish array- multiplicationthumbnail_array_pennycandy array- division[spacer]goldfish concept mat-multiplicationpenny concept mat- multiplicationcandy concept mat- multiplication