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Fluency Tip: Chants as Attention-Getters!

chants bulletin board

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Here’s a nearly effortless way to build fact fluency!

Watch the video tutorial below for a demonstration of how to utilize the Factivation!® chants as your daily class attention getters. Teachers use attention getters multiple times throughout the day. If I had to estimate the number of times I would use an attention getter with my class, I would have to say it would be in the range of 20-30 times a day. Just imagine 20-30 daily exposures to Multiplication facts like 6×3, 8×7, 7×7, etc! This is a powerful, but little-known secretthat I would encourage you to start using today, literally- TODAY! Also, why not get your K-2 teachers on board? You know they use attention-getters daily as well, maybe more times than you! Imagine 2-3 years worth of daily exposure to the fifteen Multiplication facts the attention-getters address!?! Seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s an easy but highly effective means of reinforcement!

PLEASE ALLOW ONE MINUTE for video to fully download.  Thank you!