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Lesson 4: Little Doubles

Instructional Videos

The Factivation!® videos deliver a quick daily dose of Math fact instruction.  Follow up the video lesson with practice using the Power Printables below.

*POWER* Printables for this lesson

These power-packed activities allow students to interact with this lesson’s focus facts in a variety of ways to build concept, accuracy, and fluency. Use as the practice component following your video lesson. See the 1-page Quick Guide for more details!

Addition Concept Builder Sample

Concept Builders

Description ▾

Students work with one focus fact from the lesson (addresses models, commutative property, and real-world application).

More Info
Microtraining Video

# Available: 4

Addition Fluency Builder

Fluency Builders

Description ▾

Use daily!  When beginning a lesson, use untimed to build accuracy.  When students are ready to move into fluency-building, increase speed with partner races, Race the Teacher, or timed challenges.

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Microtraining Video

# Available: 2


Addition/Subtraction Logical Links

Logical Links

Description ▾

Students deeply examine one focus fact from the lesson and *link* it to its Subtraction counterparts.  (Also addresses mental math, adding/subtracting “tens”.)

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# Available: 4

Supporting Resources for this lesson

More Printables

Foldable Flipbooks

Speed Check Chart

Students track daily progress on the Fluency Builder activity (above) | more info

Foldable Flipbook

For school or home practice | more info | microtraining video | folding tips

Happy Equations

Students use knowledge of the “=” symbol to determine if equations are true.  Included facts are from the current and previous lessons. | more info



Use these fun singalongs to teach the concept of AdditionAddition vocabularyodd and even numbers, and the commutative property! Familiar tunes like “Camptown Races” and “Hokey Pokey” make it simple for students (and teachers) to sing along!

Addends and the Sum SingalongThe Commutative SongOdd and Even SongAddition Mission Singalong

Manipulative Mats

Adderpillar Video SampleAdderpillar Concept Mat

Deepen the concept of Addition through fact-building | more info

Adderpillar Recording Form

Extend the Adderpillar activity by drawing models and creating fact families | more info


Practice Games

Students can continue to practice this lesson’s focus facts (at school or home) using the games in the student Fact Lab or Math Facts Academy! If you have a Teacher Only account and would like to add students to your membership, you can add students now.



Assessment Options for this lesson

Assess mastery using a quick paper/pencil assessment or the online Math Facts Academy.

Addition Progressive Assessment

Progressive Assessment

Description ▾

This confidence-building assessment progressively reveals more facts as students move through lessons. Only current and previously taught facts are assessed.

More Info
Microtraining Video

# Available: 1

One-Minute Assessment

Description ▾

4 rows of facts, 15 seconds per row- this assessment takes one minute to give and can be scored even more quickly by looking at the “pop-up” current facts only.

More Info

# Available: 4

Online Assessment

Use the optional Math Facts Academy module for online, auto-scored assessments.