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Lesson 6 is the first lesson using the chant strategy. Without a strong strategy, Multiplication facts in this group are very challenging for some students to retain. However, the chants applied to each of these facts make them simple for students to recall and are among students’ favorite facts to practice! TIP: Don’t wait until Lesson 6 to teach the Lesson 6 Multiplication facts! All Factivation!® for Multiplication chants can be used as your daily class attention-getters.

LESSON 6 VIDEO SCREENSHOTS- Click to go to lesson segment.

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FACT FOCUS: 7X6, 3×4, 7×8 and associated Division facts

checkmarkSTUDENT LEARNING GOAL: “I can automatically recall the product of all ‘Fun Facts 1’ facts and their commutative counterparts. I can use this knowledge to quickly find quotients of related Division facts.”

checkmarkAVAILABLE RESOURCES: Instructional Videos, Printables, Foldables, Assessments, Interactive Class Games



Notes about this lesson

What are the prerequisite skills for this lesson?

While there are not really any prerequisite skills for any of the lessons in the Chant group (Lessons 6-8), we strongly encourage teachers to use the Factivation!® chants as their class attention-getters from Day One of the school year. Doing so will help prepare students to quickly build accuracy and fluency with the facts from these lessons. Recommended Method: Teach one new attention-getting chant weekly and use it from that point forward. Students as young as Kindergarten can learn these easy Multiplication chants, so get your whole school on board! Print this lesson’s posters and refer to them when using the chants in class.

Why are there only three “focus facts” for this lesson?

By Lesson 6, there are actually very few Multiplication facts left to teach. For that reason, all remaining lessons contain only three facts. At the completion of the program (after Lesson 9), students have learned ALL Multiplication facts in small brain-friendly groups, categorized by strategy, and have applied this knowledge to related Division facts!

How many minutes/day should I devote to this lesson?

You should plan on devoting about 20 minutes/day to most Factivation!® lessons. The Fluency Building segment may not take quite that long because the Fast Facts video is very brief.

How long will it take to complete this lesson?

For students who have been exposed to the chants from the beginning of the school year (See “What are the prerequisite skills for this lesson?”), LESSON 6 can be completed in about one week. If students have not been exposed to the chants before, teachers should allow 1-2 weeks.

What can parents do to reinforce this lesson?

Sending home the LESSON 6 flipbook or Fact War game can help parents reinforce this lesson’s focus facts at home.  The 24/7 Student Fact Lab can be assigned as homework.  Parents simply log their child in using your Class Fact Lab account and direct them to LESSON 6 to watch the videos, play the interactive games, take the timed challenges, and/or print a Fluency Builder for at-home practice.  This is a great way to reinforce classroom learning.

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