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Sample assessments from Factivation!® for Multiplication/Division

Work with younger grades? See Addition/Subtraction assessments!

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Mastery Tracking

There are two options for tracking student mastery within the Factivation!® program. Teachers can use the Factivation!® Assessment Tool to get a baseline for students and then use the Progressive Assessments with each lesson to update the class profile sheet as mastery is demonstrated. There is also an option for setting up an online assessment tool using the free Kubbu system. Factivation!® for Multiplication assessments are in the system and ready for import![spacer] pencil

Option 1: Paper/Pencil Assessments

The Factivation!® progressive lesson assessments are designed to measure mastery of facts that have been covered in the current and previous lessons only. As opposed to randomly generated tests, this type of assessment eliminates intimidation and creates test-taking confidence.[spacer] Download the Assessments for this Lesson:
Progressive Assessment 6 printable (Form A)
Progressive Assessment 6 printable (Form B)
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Option 2: Online Auto-Scored Assessments

Find out how to set up a free Kubbu assessment tool. Multiplication quizzes for each lesson are ready for import into your account! Click in the box below to sample an online assessment.[spacer] sample information