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[spacer] division video

Division Video for this lesson

Using the Factivation!® for Division videos, students examine the reciprocity of Multiplication and Division. This video offers instruction in the concept of Division and its relationship to Multiplication, while providing fluency-building practice for all of the Lesson 6 Division counterparts.[spacer][spacer][spacer]

Division Printables for this lesson

division fluency builder

Division Fluency Builder 6


Description: Build fluency with this lesson’s Division facts! Teachers: Watch the 3-minute Fluency Builder tutorial for simple instructions on how to get the most out of this powerful, targeted activity. Fluency Builder Tutorial
[hr] division connector

Connectors 6


Description: Connect Multiplication facts to Division counterparts: This printable illustrates how the product of a Multiplication fact becomes the dividend in the Division fact.[spacer][spacer][hr] multiplication and division concept builder

Concept Builders 6.1-6.3

CCSS 3.OA.A.1, 3.OA.A.2, 3.OA.B.5

Description: Connect Multiplication and Division facts by building fact families with the Concept Builders for this lesson.Concept Builder Tutorial