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Sample printables from Factivation!® for Multiplication/Division

Work with younger grades? See Addition/Subtraction printables!

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Concept Printables

CCSS 3.0A.A.1

Concept Builder 6.1
Concept Builder 6.2
Concept Builder 6.3

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CCSS 3.0A.A.2Coming Soon

Equal Shares 6
Concept Mats

CCSS 3.0A.B.5Coming Soon

Properties of Multiplication 6.1
Properties of Multiplication 6.2
Properties of Multiplication 6.3


Strategy Printables

CCSS 3.0A.C.7

Practice 6.1
Practice 6.2
Practice 6.3
Practice 6.4


Printable Assessments

CCSS 3.0A.C.7

Progressive Assessment 6.1 (Form A)
Progressive Assessment 6.2 (Form B)

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*For overall mastery tracking



CCSS 3.0A.C.7

Flipbook 6- Front
Flipbook 6- Inside

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Fluency Building

CCSS 3.0A.C.7

Fluency Builder 6.1 (Multiplication)
Fluency Builder 6.2 (Division)

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Application Printables

CCSS 3.OA.A.4, 3.OA.B.6, 3.NBT.A.3, 3.OA.B.5, 3.NBT.A.1

Logical Links 6.1-6.3

View Sample
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Problem Solver 6

CCSS 3.MD.C.7a-b

Focus Facts Area 6


Connectors 6

CCSS 4.NBT.B.5Coming Soon

Multi-Digit X 1-Digit Multiplication 6
2-Digit X 2-Digit Multiplication 6


Printable Games

CCSS 3.0A.B.6, 3.OA.C.7

Linking Products Game
Fact War 6

Other Printables

Chants Reference Guide Poster 6.1- 3×4 and 7×8
Poster 6.2- 7×6 (“7 Beetles” Chant)
Lesson Overview 6
Page Divider 6
Fact Tracker 6

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